Management Team

Anthony Fonti


Anthony Fonti is the President and founder of Carcierge Valet. Right out of high school, Fonti obtained his first full time job where he started parking cars in Staten Island. After being employed for only a period of two years, he was promoted to General Manager. Having been in a management position, he learned how to operate and fine-tune a valet parking business. Working consistently with the same company for six years, Fonti felt it was time to make his own mark in the parking industry. In 2004, Fonti established Carcierge Valet in Northern New Jersey servicing high-end patrons and clientele. A few short years later, Fonti decided to branch out into Central New Jersey. Fonti's second company has since landed long term contracts with even more exclusive restaurants and catering facilities. Carcierge Valet has become one of the most well respected and trusted valet parking services in New Jersey. In 2014 Anthony Fonti continued to bring the same high-class service into the New York and Connecticut areas providing Valet Parking Service to some of the finest luxury auto mobile brands in the country.


All valet parking attendants will be properly uniformed throughout each of the four seasons.


Black three-season jacket accompanied by the Carcierge Valet


Black Carcierge Valet button-down adorned with reflective accents.


Black Carcierge Valet button-down adorned with reflective accents.


Black Carcierge Valet coaches jacket & Black Carcierge Valet button-down adorned with reflective accents.

All Uniforms are accompanied by Black Dress Pants and Black Sneakers


We supply all of the necessary valet parking signs, cones, directional wands, tickets and key podiums. All signs have the appropriate directional arrows that guide arriving guests to the valet parking area. All parking equipment is kept clean at all times and replaced as needed.

About Carcierge

The valet parking industry is rapidly growing. Today's society is realizing that valet parking is no longer just a luxury; it has become more of a necessity. To remain your area's premier parking provider, Carcierge Valet is more than prepared to tackle any challenge or change of the future.

Our Mission

To sustain the highest standards of customer service and create ideal impressions for the clients we serve.


Carcierge Valet provides an extensive liability insurance policy to safeguard you and your guests.

• General Liability ($1,000,000/$3,000,000): Covers pedestrians and property damage.

• Garage Keeper's Legal Liability ($250,000 any one unit with a $1,000,000 aggregate): Covers fire, theft and collision to all valet parked vehicles.

• Automobile Liability ($500,000 combined single limit): Covers any damage to a non-valet parked vehicle, which may be incurred by a valet attendant.

• Worker's Compensation ($100,000/$500,000): Covers any injury a valet attendant may incur.

• Commercial Umbrella Policy ($5,000,000): Additional Coverage over and above the previous coverage.

Additional Coverage May Be Added Upon Request

Our Vision

Employees: To create the ideal working environment and ensure employee satisfaction

Employees: To create the ideal working environment and ensure employee satisfaction
Portfolio: Bring a portfolio of professionalism and top notch service, fulfilling the desires and needs of all patrons and clients.
Productivity: To be the most trusted and respected valet parking company.
Continuity: To remain hands on as our company grows